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Bankruptcy & Debt Defense

Feeling trapped under a mountain of debt? Our experienced attorneys can help you get your life back on track and can help you get some much needed sleep at night instead of worrying about the collection calls.


Our attorneys can help you climb out from under your debt and get your financial life back on track. Bankruptcy may be the right choice for you. Our compassionate attorneys will help to answer all of your questions and give you the peace of mind that you're looking for. If you feel the pressure of a heavy financial burden, let us help you.


Debt Defense

The experienced attorneys at Wolfe Miglio have built relationships with creditors and we know the tricks. If you're being sued for non-payment of credit card debts, talk to us immediately. We will scrutinize the records of the debt collectors for errors and we may be able to mitigate or entirely eliminate a case against you.

Contractual Services & Business Litigation

We can help negotiate to help reduce your debt!

Due to the high number of suits by creditors against everyday people, and our attorneys' reputation with those creditors we may be able to help you to reduce a crushing debt that you are being sued over. They know we won't back down so let us go to work for you and protect your rights as a consumer.