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Wolfe Miglio is one of the world’s first cryptocurrency dedicated law firms, focusing the entirety of its practice to the cryptocurrency aspects of fintech, intellectual property and securities law since 2017. Our attorneys have provided expert legal advice for top ICOs, STOs, IEOs, Exchanges, Investment Deals, Mergers, OTC trading, and all other cryptocurrency related matters. As an aside, Wolfe Miglio also specializes in patent formation, corporate structuring, traditional private placement offerings, and other general corporate matters.
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We are the Crypto-Community’s Lawyers!

Wolfe Miglio is one of world’s premier boutique law firms focused on the laws and legal issues surrounding cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable cryptocurrency attorneys intimately understands the intersection of cryptocurrency and the law and everything in between; this allows us to help our clients to navigate a variety of complex legal needs within the cryptocurrency and blockchain space. In addition, we offer traditional business legal services to our clients in the realms of traditional equity sales, capital raises, corporate advising, corporate structuring, intellectual property protection, and other services they may need. Whether your project has legal needs in the Untied States or internationally, we are here to help you project succeed in a smooth and compliant way. Let our knowledgeable and experienced attorneys provide you with the service and guidance that you need to grow your project in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Services

Wolfe Miglio advises, and acts as legal counsel, to some of the worlds largest cryptocurrencies, blockchain companies, and initiatives. They trust us, not only because of our experience knowledge of the law, but also because we have a deep understanding of how the ever changing laws and regulatory climates throughout the world currently affect them as well, as how changes are likely to affect them in their operations and development around the world.

Our team of cryptocurrency lawyers provides services to new STOs, ICOs, IEOs, and other token offerings as well as a variety of services to other individuals and companies which are currently engaged in, or looking to enter, the ever expending cryptocurrency space. Our attorneys have experience in advising and assisting a wide range of projects from start to finish. We offer a wide assortment of services to help our clients regardless of whether they are just starting out, growing their project, or an already established company. Our attorneys are licensed in the United States as well as other international jurisdictions and have experience assisting cryptocurrency and blockchain projects from dozens of different industries with their registration, filing, and compliance needs. Cryptocurrency law can get complicated, get the crypto community’s lawyers on your side.

Wolfe Miglio has been featured in publications in Forbes, Marketwatch, and other publications; and our founding Partners have been called by MarketWatch “the most prolific lawyers in the SEC-Sanctioned [Token Offering] game…”.

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Legal Advising & Documentation

Laws surrounding digital assets are constantly changing and advancing. Our team of cryptocurrency lawyers advises clients from all around the world on applicable regulations and laws which apply to them and which may affect their project. We offer documentation, advising, and reviews which are extremely important for the successful and compliant development of a project in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

There is always risk inherent in any business venture, and the blockchain is no exception to that rule. Our crypto lawyers can help conduct a risk assessment of your project and help you find ways to mitigate or eliminate risk to you, your project, and your team. Get the crypto community’s lawyers on your side today!

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Whitepaper & Project Review

Need a whitepaper? Need your materials reviewed? We are here for you.

Don’t let minor issues in your whitepaper and other documentation cause major problems for you and your team later down the road. Our crypto lawyers know what it takes to develop a whitepaper that both accurately explains your vision to the world, while simultaneously attracting investors and large scale communities to your project. We understand that your project needs hype; we can help you structure your documentation, press releases, and whitepaper to attract and develop the right kind of hype.

Since these types of documents can contain such a breadth of information about your project and your vision, its important that they be checked and reviewed by a licensed attorney for any accidental missteps in terms of compliance or representation which could lead to problems later on. The crypto community’s lawyers at Wolfe Miglio can help you do it the right way.

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Corporate Legal Services

We understand that you are not only pursuing your passion, you are running a business. Our attorneys are all licensed in the Untied States and have vast experience not only in cryptocurrency and blockchain but in traditional domestic and international business law. We understand how cryptocurrency and the blockchain interact with the business side of law; so, we are please to provide our clients with services related to their cryptocurrency needs as well as legal services relating to their operations on a traditional business level. We regularly help our clients develop, structure, and form domestic and offshore corporate structures in a variety of jurisdictions which are conducive to their needs as a company or fund. We are also pleased to provide our clients with services in their fields of traditional equity offerings, international transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and incorporation of new entities.

The crypto attorneys at Wolfe Miglio come from a variety of international backgrounds and have a deep experience with international business. Our team can help with the formation and planning of different funds in an array of countries and jurisdictions. Let us help make sure that your fund is compliant and structured within appropriate regulatory frameworks.

With offices in Houston, Texas and Tokyo, Japan, Wolfe Miglio and our team of attorneys is positioned to advise clients of all sizes on a global scale at a competitive price with service and access to attorneys that you won’t find anywhere else. Big law service with small firm pricing.

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Regulatory & Exchange Compliance

The cryptocurrency legal space is constantly changing and developing on a global scale. Its important for your project to have a crypto attorney on your side who can help with regulatory registration and other compliance considerations. The experienced cryptocurrency attorneys at Wolfe Miglio can help you with determining your status and compliance requirements regarding assorted regulatory agencies; federal, state, and local governments; and licensing bodies. We always advise our clients to act as compliantly as possible and we know what it takes to make that happen. Don’t let problems develop in the future; let the knowledgeable cryptocurrency attorneys at Wolfe Miglio help you to avoid problems before they arise.

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is one of main regulatory bodies in the United States which controls how cryptocurrency projects can and should operate in their operation and offerings. We offer legal advising with respect to United States securities laws as well as assistance with filing appropriate compliance and offering documents with regulatory and governmental bodies. Cryptocurrency projects from all over the world have trusted Wolfe Miglio with assisting their projects in raising funds and advising on fund raising issues on an international scale.

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We Know What It Takes To Make A Successful ICO

We pride ourselves in being one of the only cryptocurrency specialized law firms in the United States, as well as being able to provide our clients with legal advice in a cutting edge industry from attorneys who lead the field in cryptocurrency.

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