Cryptocurrency projects have a wide variety of legal considerations. At Wolfe Miglio, we understand that our clients have legal needs in terms of cryptocurrency as well as the general aspects of running a business or start-up company. Wolfe Miglio is pleased to offer our clients with a full range of legal advising services pertaining to both their operations as both a cryptocurrency project and a business.
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In addition to providing specific services to our clients regarding their specific project or cryptocurrency, The attorneys at Wolfe Miglio act as legal advisors to our clients in a variety of capacities. Such as documentation and review of materials for their ICO/STO/IEO, advising on anti-money laundering protocols, and advising on the legal considerations of various business operating practices. There are always unexpected events when it comes to running a business and having an experienced attorney to help you solve problems is something that every business and project should have. At Wolfe Miglio, our attorneys are all licensed in the United States and have a depth of experience advising a wide variety of projects; we use our experience to assist our clients in avoid legal problems and issues as well as to guide our clients through legal matters when they do arise.

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Have a unique project or idea? We can assist you in protecting your idea and intellectual property, adjusting for compliance in a variety of legal jurisdictions, advising on compliance and registration with government agencies and entities, and a myriad of other problems. We can help to explain and help you understand the benefits and potential issues that accompany different operations and funding with respect to multiple jurisdictions and methods.


It is important to have a qualified and informed attorney on your team for a variety of reasons; and we recognize the needs that our clients have and the stresses that can accompany operating a business. This is especially true of businesses engaged with new and cutting edge technologies such as cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. There are a variety of benefits to having a qualified and knowledgeable lawyer be a legal advisor for your business. Credibility is often a make or break issue for new businesses and cryptocurrency projects. Having the crypto attorneys at Wolfe Miglio assisting and advising your project or company can help to portray and instill credibility for your project. In addition, the peace of mind that the ICO/STO/IEO lawyers at Wolfe Miglio can offer to projects and businesses can help you focus on more important things, like operating, developing, and perfecting your project.

Having the attorneys at Wolfe Miglio on your side can also create investor confidence, avoid potential legal and operational problems and pitfalls with your business functions. Furthermore, our crypto lawyers can assist you in accessing international and domestic markets for investments, corporate structure, and customer base. We know what it takes to create a successful and compliant business, and we pride ourselves on being one of the premier cryptocurrency law firms in the United States and the world. Let us help you.

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