The development of a company will often depend on how much support it can get, and from whom. These days, private equity sales can not only bring in a much needed influx of capital for the development and scaling of a company, but it can also provide it with much needed hype and strategic partnerships. The attorneys at Wolfe Miglio operate with companies on the cutting of technology and business operations; as such, the needs of our clients call for different strategies outside of more traditional private equity raises. Our experience and knowledge allows our firm to uniquely combine traditional private equity sales with new techniques and methods to accommodate for growing and changing world markets, mindsets, and realities.


We assist both crypto projects and traditional companies with private equity raises and advise our clients on ways to do so that are both safe and compliant in The United States as well as foreign jurisdictions.

Private equity lawyers serve an important purpose in deal as they assist their clients in the development and negotiation of the terms on which a deal is structured, such as how capital is contributed or distributed, the sale and amount of equity exchanged, considerations for employees, and the drafting of important documents.

Our attorneys can assist you in structuring mergers and acquisitions, investments, and company sales trough a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods to fit the needs and desires of the client. We offer our clients a variety of services and a knowledgeable legal team to assist in a variety of aspects of any deal including:

Due Diligence Document Drafting New Company Formation Intellectual Property
Development of Incentive Programs Negotiations of Documentation and Terms Compliance
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We work very closely with high level executives and company founders in order to help them structure their company in a way that maximizes value in terms of incoming investments, additional we advise our clients during “exit” transactions to ensure that they and their employees are rewarded for their hard work while negotiating terms that are fair and agreeable to all parties involved.

Securities transactions are also an integral part of any equity sale. Our lawyers are experienced in advising on all facets of a wide variety of securities transactions and can advise companies, venture capitalists, investment funds, or individuals in the legal and solid acquisition of equity or investment.


We have a great reputation for helping clients to navigate complex equity transactions, and we have represented clients from a wide range of industries. Whether your company is a small startup or a large established company, the attorneys at Wolfe Miglio are here to help!

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